1. This fanfic is not a Phinabella fanfic. It's not even a Canderemy. Like all other P&F stories, it hints at both's relationships. But it will not focus on it, nor will the sequel, or the one after that...ect.
  2. This fanfic will feature some characters that don't appear often, or only exist in fake episodes. This includes Meap and Cousin Bartie Flynn.
  3. This fanfic may feature sci-fi/fantasy allusions/direct references/characters? Are those Klingons, death eaters, or even daleks? Up to you to figure it out.
  4. This fanfic will be published in sections. Chapter 1 comes first, chapter 2 next, ect.
  5. This fanfic is not a Phinabella fanfic. It's not even a Canderemy. However, this list is subject to change...

Chapter 1

Early rising in Danville

The sun had just begun to rise. Already, the sound of hammers and power tools were coming from the Flynn-Fletcher backyard."Ooh, those boys are so busted..." said Candace groggily, rubbing her head with a glass of water and walking to the window. Phineas and Ferb appeared to be building a TV tower, only ten times bigger. Still in her bathrobe and bunny slippers, she drowsily made her way outside, saying "Oh, there you are, Perry," as she walked by his bed(Perry had not quite woken up yet. Being a secret agent is tiring buisness). "What are you boys doing?" Candace asked. "We're building an Interstellar Communicator!" said Phineas, driving rivets into a girder, "We're using it to contact friends over 100 light years away, like Meap!" Phineas held up a picture of Meap, even though everyone there knew what Meap looked like. "You guys are gonna get..." Candace stifled a yawn, "A-ah...oh, you know." She ran back into the house. After a minute, Phineas said, "Hey Ferb, have you hooked up the landwire yet?" Answering, Ferb said, "No, not quite...Hey, where's Perry?"

Perry stood up, putting on his hat. He pulled out a key, walked over to a blue telephone box, unlocked the door, and went inside. In there was a much larger room. Agent P jumped down the tube in the center to his lair. "Good morning, Agent P," Major Monogram said, "Doofensmirtz is up to no good. He's been reasearching the seasons of the year for weeks now, which might seem tame if he hadn't already bought up not only the basic components of the average 'inator', but also jump ropes, jacks, and cold snacks. Find out what he's up to, and put a stop to it." Perry saluted, put on his jetpack, and took off for Doofensmirtz's, his theme song playing all the while.

"Hey, Phineas. Watcha doin'?" Isabella said as she walked into the backyard. "Only an interstellar communicator. I wanted to ask Meap if he found that Victory Gum trading card Buford left there when we saved the universe from Mitch." "Cool. Me and the Fireside girls could shoot for our Interstellar communication and first contact patches." "Alright, let's finish up then."

Chapter 2

Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporated! or, Doof's Monolouge

Agent P smashed through Doofensmirtz's roof. "Ah, Perry the Platypus, so nice of you to come...Er...You kind of landed in the wrong spot, could you move a little to the right...?" Perry shook his head. "Okaaay, suit yourself..." A cage fell behind Perry, painfully landing on his tail. "I warned you, Perry the Platypus. So, provided you're not in too much pain...BEHOLD," He pressed a button, making a curtain fall. "THE SUMMER EXTEND-INATOR!!! It changes the tilt of the Earth, causing heat waves to remain on the Tri-State Area, CAUSING ETERNAL SUMMER! Then all the kids will stay out of school! You know, because summer vacation doesn't end. And then, all the sticky, sweaty kids will come to my new chain store-Doofensmirtz toy and refreshment factory! I've already bought cheap toys and cold snacks, reverse engineered them, and begun mass-producing! I'll make millions. And how does this help me take over the Tri-State Area, you ask? Well, after I've made lots of money, I'll go to the Tri-State Area mayoral campaign. I'll ride this baby in. I call it the Vote-catchinator. It has huge signs that say, 'Vote Heinz Doofensmirtz' and it shoots money! Everyone will vote for me, and I, Heinz Doofensmirtz, will become ruler of the TRI-STATE-AREA!" All the while, Perry tried to free his tail from the cage. "Oh, that looks like it hurts, Perry the Platypus, let me lift the cage so you can reposition yourelf..." He lifted the cage, and Perry punched him in the face.

Chapter 3

Cousin Bartie

Bartie Flynn had just flown in to visit his cousins, Phineas and Candace. It had been a long flight from California, and he was exausted. Bartie was a nice boy, but he had something of a bad side. He looked and sounded exactly like Phineas. He had been just about to walk into their backyard too see what crazy things they'd dreamed up since he saw them last Christmas, when a pretty girl walked out of the gate. She had completley missed Bartie, and seemed to be carrying a shopping list. Bartie steppped into the backyard. "Hey, it's Cousin Bartie!" Phineas said as he walked up to them. "How've things been, Bart?" "Oh, you know. The California seaside isn't nearly as exiting as Danville. What's this you've made here?" He never ceased to be amazed by Phineas and Ferb's inventions. "This? It's just an Interstellar Communicator. We're goona use it to call some friends. I sent Isabella to pick up the last parts" "Cool. Hey, Buford. Hey, Baljeet." Buford waved at Bartie, drooping Baljeet in the process. Bartie walked around the back of the I-COM. There, Ferb was finishing up the indoor communication set. "Sooooo....You guys have a friend named Isabella?" Ferb turned and nodded. "Is she, y'know...more than friends with anyone?" "Ferb waved his hand, palm down. "Sort of? What do you mean, sort of?" "Well, she does have a crush on Phineas, but-" Bartie had left the room by then. "Ah. Puppy love." Ferb said, getting back to work.

Isabella was walking back to the Flynn-Fletcher backyard from the hardware/software store. Bartie, waiting in an alley, adjusted his sunglasses. "Hey, toots." Isabella dropped the paper bag of circuts, diodes, and rivets. "Hey...Phineas. Um, watcha doin'?" "Just checkin' on my gal, what else?" "Umm..." She knew Phineas would get it one day, but this was out of character. She wondered where he found the black leather clothes. She also wondered who he'd even changed so fast. "Uh, look, Phineas. I have to get this stuff back to the I-COM-" Bartie dragged her into the alley and kissed her ferociously. She fought from his grip and ran down the sidewalk. "That's funny, it worked all the time back home...."

Wha wha whaaaaaaaaa. Chapter 4 later.


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