Ashley Himbler is a friend of Candace who is mentioned by Phineas in On the Air when Candace is flipping through channels.

Ashley Himbler

Ashley Ashley Himbler

Gender Female
Age 15
Height Same as Candace
Nationality American
Hometown Danville
Born January 10th, 1996
Created 9/8/2011
Nemesis None
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Professional Information
Profession School Child (on vacation)
Affiliations Candace, Stacy, Jenny, Jeremy, Rosie, Carla
Signature Ashleyssig
Friends and Family
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Himbler
Creator Peanutjon
Siblings Rosie, Carla Himbler
Pet(s) Unnamed Cat
Songs sung by Ashley Himbler Insane
Appearances Candace's Big Bust
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by Peanutjon

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has artwork showing her with white glasses similar to Charlene Doofenshimirtz's and puffy yellow hair with a pink flower in it. She wears a lavender coat over a white t-shirt and a pink skirt, as well as pink shoes.



Candace FlynnEdit

Ashley appears to get along with Candace, as they are friends. Apparently Candace talks to Ashley a lot, as Phineas asks why Candace isn't talking to her.


Rosie is Ashley's adoptive little sister. Ashley got Rosie's toy back from a bully when Rosie was 3 and Ashley conviced their parents to adopt Rosie.

Carla HimblerEdit

Carla is Ashley's sister, and is actually related. Ashley trusts Carla and tells her even the deepest secrets, and when Carla accidently slips one out, Ashley is always very forgiving. Carla enjoys Ashley's company more then Rosie's, though Carla plays more games with Rosie. Carla enjoys talking to Ashley about things that she would tell no one else.


  • She has an adopted sister, Rosie.