Scene 1: Up in a tree in Phineas and Ferb's backyardEdit

Buford: "Hey!" "Is that squirrel lookin' at me?"

Baljeet: "Clearly, he knows a nut when he sees 1, so what should we do today?"

Isabella: "How about a musical? we could get costumes, and write songs, and put on a show for the whole neighborhood, but what could it be about?"

Ferb: "Perhaps this comic book could provide some interesting source material?"

Phineas: "Great idea, Ferb, I know what we're gonna write, musical accompaniment for today!"

A few hours later...........

Phineas: "Nice backdrop, Baljeet."

Baljeet: "The color red mirrors the anger of the antagonist."

Phineas: "Ferb, the stage looks great!"

Ferb: "I've made a few modifications that will make cleaning up afterward a breeze."

Phineas: "How are the costumes coming?"

Buford: "I'm sewing as fast as I can, but I only have 2 hands."

Isabella: "We just earned our outdoor-sound-and-lighting-design patches and we're ready to go!"

Candace: "Phineas!" "What is all this? and who are those strange, ticket waving kids in our driveway?"

Phineas: "The audience!" "Let 'em in, Ferb, it's showtime!"

Candace: "Move it, you musical munchkin, I'm gonna be in front and center to see these 2 get busted!"

Musical Production: The Rise of the Beak

Business Boss/Baljeet: "Mr. Spitzapuss! You're an embarrassment, a liability, and also quite malodorous, you're fired!"

Mr. Spitzapuss/Buford: "That's the last straw!" "I'll make everyone pay for rejecting me."

Mr. Spitzapuss/Buford: All I want is a little affection, a kind word or a smile or a hug

                                      but my boss and my friends, they all treat me like a putrid and disgusting slug

                                       so I've conjured a plan

                                       time to fight, take a stand

                                        fear me world, I'm the Platypus Man!

Photographer Girl/Isabella: "The beak!" "I knew I'd find you!"