Scene 1: The Flynn-Fletcher's HouseEdit

Phineas: (from inside Phineas and Ferb's house in the living room) "Hey, Candace, look at my new video game poster."

Cut to Candace ironing Phineas and Ferb's clothes.

Candace: "Just 1 minute now, guys, I'm ironing your clothes."

Phineas: "Why can't you try and do both at the exact same time?"

Candace: "Oh, guys........."

Phineas: "What?"

Candace: "You know how much I have to do, why can't you just help out 1 little bit? you know your good friend, Isabella will be here any minute now with her new little brother, Felix."

Phineas: "I guess we can agree with that.

Candace: "When Isabella gets here with her baby brother, I wanna know that I can count on your help, it'll be a lot of work having a baby in Danville, you know."

Phineas: "Alright, we'll do it."

[Doorbell Ringing]

Vivian: "Here we are."

Isabella: "Phineas, Ferb, guys, you remember my little brother, Felix, right?"

Phineas: "That's right, Isabella, we do remember him, and we're gonna help you take real good care of him."

Candace: "Oh just look at you, Felix, you're such a handsome young boy, aren't you?"

Felix: [Giggling And Cooing]

Toby: "Now listen, we've got everything else that you, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and Baljeet need while we're at work, 3 day supply of pampers, pacifiers, baby wipes, baby powder, baby formulas, and Felix's most favorite plush rabbit, Flopsy."

Phineas: "Wow, that does sound very interesting."

Vivian: "Well, we'll see you in 3 days, oh, thanks so much, you guys, you're a real life saver."

Ferb: "It'll be so much fun having a baby in Danville."

Buford: "Yeah right, just as long as it stays outta my way."

The dining roomEdit

[Felix Giggling]

Isabella: "Felix...........Felix."

(Brief Pause)

Isabella: "I was talking to my brother here."

Buford: "Hey, guys, I'm starving, make me a submarine sandwich."

Isabella: "We can't right now, Buford, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet and I need to give Felix a nice bubble bath."

Buford: "What for? it's not going anywhere."

Isabella: "Oh, Buford......"

Buford: "What? all I want is a submarine sandwich."

Isabella: "Just as long as my baby brother is here, he's gonna need to come 1st."

Buford: "But what about me?"

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and Baljeet go into the upstairs bathroom to give Felix a nice bubble bath.

The Living RoomEdit

[Buford Playing Jazzed Up Tune On Saxophone]

[Felix Crying And Wailing]

[Crying And Wailing Continues]

[Saxophone Music Continues]

[Melvin Crying And Wailing Again]

Isabella: "Buford, please!"

Buford: "What? I need to practice?"

Isabella: "Well, you're not the only person in Danville, all you ever think about is yourself."

Buford: "What's the matter with that?"

The kitchenEdit

Buford is drinking from a chocolate milk carton, but is startled.......

[Felix Continues Crying And Wailing]

Buford: "Aw, Isabella, it's cryin' again."

Isabella: "Well, then pick him up and hold him for 1 minute."

Buford: "I'm not gonna pick it up, it smells like urination."

Isabella: "He probably just needs a new pamper, can you just-"

Buford: "Oh come on, Isabella, that's revoltin'."

Isabella: "There's nothing revolting about it, it's perfectly natural, and quit calling him it, he's not an it, he's a he, and his name is Felix."

Phineas: "Come on, you guys, let's all take a nice little walk around the block."

Scene 2: Across the neighborhood of DanvilleEdit

[Felix Fussing]

Baljeet: "Oh, Felix, why are you fussing?"

Phineas: "Look at all of the play toys you got there, see this? baby's 1st dolphin."

Phineas: [Making Dolphin Sounds]

Isabella: "Hey, check this 1 out, a squeaker monkey."

Felix: [Squeaking Toy Squeaker Monkey]

Ferb: "Good boy."

Phineas: "Come on, you guys, let's go back home to my house, it was so much fun walking around."

Back Inside the Flynn-Fletcher family's houseEdit

Phineas: "Well, it sure was a nice long walk around the block."

Ferb: "Good thing we're home again."

Baljeet: "Hey, look, Felix is fast asleep."

Isabella: "He must've been tired from that nice long walk we've had this afternoon."