Plot SummaryEdit

Phineas, Ferb and Baljeet help Isabella baby-sit her 6-month-old little brother, Felix while Vivian and Toby Garcia-Shapiro are at work, because she can't do all of this baby-sitting job by herself.

The Following QuotesEdit

Isabella: (Bouncing Melvin up and down) "Felix........Felix........"

(Brief Pause)

Isabella: "I was speaking to my brother here."

Later, Buford is playing his saxophone real loud.....

Felix breaks out crying and wailing.

Isabella: "Buford, please!"

Buford: "What? I need to practice."

Isabella: "You're not the only person in Danville, all you ever think about is yourself."

Buford: "What's the matter with that?"


"Baby-Sitting Adventures" transcript